Med-Tac Global Training Solutions


Med-Tac Global is a training and consultancy company, based in Sheffield and was founded in 2013

To deliver above standard courses in both medical and security areas, giving students practical hands on experience and industry recognised qualifications


Med-Tac Global is a training, Employment Legal Advice and consultancy company, founded in 2013

We specialise in medical and security qualifications and re-qualifications, as well as medical consultancy, clinic management and staff placement in remote, hostile and non-hostile areas

The courses and services offered by us include;

Medical Courses:
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
First Aid at Work (FAW)
First Person On Scene - Intermediate (FPOS-I)
Medical Gases
Tactical Environment Medical Practitioner (TEMP)
Paediatric First Aid
Refresher Courses

Security Courses:
Close Protection

Medical/Remote Medicine
Clinic Management
Occupational Health Advisor
Staff Placement