Security Drivers International Ltd

The safe and secure movement of high net worth assets and individuals by road from one destination to another without the benefit of a police escort, involves a unique and complex set of challenges which SDI have fine tuned over the past 21 years, whilst actively carrying out these operations on over 500 occasions in 2015.

EU figures show that the cost to businesses from theft of high value assets in transit, is in excess of €8.2 billion annually. With our two armoured Range Rovers and a fleet of high end luxury saloons, all driven by former Royalty Protection police officers, SDI goes a long way in providing you with the means to mitigate any loss and to reduce insurance costs.

We are trusted by many companies that have a global presence, as well as several Lloyds underwriters, to provide our special form of security with transporting their assets and people around the UK and Western Europe.

Our special operations vehicles have cameras, trackers and various electronic devices, all of military grade, which are supplied and installed by two of the companies who provide this service for UK specialist police vehicles.