Campbell Ashton

Life is never black and white but various shades of grey. We provide you with the information you need to clarify suspicion from fact; providing an absolute and conclusive outcome.

We have a vast array of experience from which we draw our expertise. Backgrounds of our employees include the armed services and the corporate worlds, enabling a professional and discreet service for our clients.

The latest technologies and establish techniques allow us to operate effectively silent.This approach means that your objective is attained whilst helping keep cost to a are several elements that need to be present for the successful completion of surveillance work. They also demonstrate the important qualities of intelligence, common sense, patience and curiosity; at all times operating with care, attention to detail and accuracy. Our investigators ensure we can commence your investigation without delay building on the tried and tested methods acquired over may years.

Situations and circumstances can vary and, by implication, so does the type of surveillance required. The following are some examples of the work undertaken:
Surveillance Investigation Services

Static Observations
Foot Observations
Photographic and Video Observations
Mobile Surveillance
Matrimonial & Relationship Surveillance
Nanny watch
GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking