Hunter-Cross & Saint Crisis Management

Hunter-Cross & Saint provide high quality crisis management, security and forensic services to a wide range of customers across the public and private sectors.

We have a unique Cyber Intelligence & Security Centre that can be used to generate threat assessments and to deal with cyber crime.

Our motto is "Scientia est Potentia", knowledge is power, and by using HCS we can help you gain the knowledge you might need, our Intelligence Support function can provide advice and guidance or operational personel to aid you with intelligence gathering and investigation.

We have a team of experienced security and crisis management professionals, with a background in high pressure, high threat environments.

HCS can provide an overall intelligence picture to help you learn the threats to you, your business or your staff and how to counter them.

We have a new maritime section that deals with maritime security, threat reduction and piracy and kidnap for ransom.

We can also provide enhanced cyber and digital forensics.

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