Roxas Worldwide Limited

Ex. Customs & Excise Drug squad LHR. Insurance fraud Investigator, forensic accountant. Been running CPO but SIA qualified a yr ago, ran CP for Wimbledon Championships 2014 and hopefully again this yr. FPO intermeadiate, Fire Officer, good organiser, we'll indeared by my Teams take full responsibility and have a way to gell my Teams. I race sailing boats since the age of 12, I am crew boss and its always been my job to get the best from my crews. Im not judgemental and my code of ethics is get the job done.
I can appear and disappear and enjoy working with a good team whether its a 2 man or a 30 person Team. Work we'll with Women as we'll as Men, had an all women crew for Cowes week some years ago and will always use an operatives talents to the best job match. Im interactive non confrontational, a serious problem solver, relaxed but ever vigilant. I have worked for Russians, Italians British and Prima Donnas. Im a good interface with a calming influence under pressure . My FPO has been used many times relating to passers by in my own time and has proven an asset in saving lives.Company has very little work as our main clients have gone back home. Done a series of close follows that we had a bet on, house limit £1, that were considered not possible. CV explains more on request but have new updated kit and tend to spend a 20% income on new gear to be up to date.